September 21

Best Robot Vacuum: Buyer’s Guide 2017

Technology has led us into a more comfortable world where we don’t need to do much in doing chores and other things. Imagine when there is no GPS or smartphone, it is hard to travel without a map or asking people. Now, there is GPS that could navigate you faster and more precise. It also happens on a home gadget that now turns into something that everyone needs in their home. They don’t need a conventional stove like using gas, but now there is induction stove where it only needs electricity to run the stove. Another home gadget is robot vacuum. Basically, it is the advanced version of vacuum cleaner that does not need a manual operation, but it will clean automatically based on the setting. The type of robot vacuum cleaner is various. It is not easy to choose the best one. There is no need to think about the brand, but choose what you really need for your house. If you want to get the best one, here is the buyer’s guide you have to do before you choose the robot vacuum cleaner.

What are you going to have regular clean?

Before you choose the best robot vacuum, you may need to think about the regular clean you are planning to do. Do you need sweeping cleaning? Do you need to mop it too? There are many types of robot cleaner if you want one of the features mentioned. Even, there is robot cleaner that comes with two modes for both mopping and sweeping or brushing.

How many rooms do you need to cover?

If you need to cover many rooms, then you must need robot vacuum cleaner that comes with the big power of the battery, so it will not run out when you need them.


The last consideration in buying robot cleaner is the feature. Do you need automatic navigation? Do you need 360 sights for the result of cleaning? Do you need wifi connection? All features provided must fit your budget.

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