September 16

How To Choose The Best Garage Heater

During colder months, working in your garage will never be possible if you have frozen fingers. If you love to spend most of your time in this part of your home, it is about time that you consider installing a garage heater which will keep it warm and cozy, and make it a more conducive working environment.

Unfortunately, learning how to choose the best garage heater can be a bit tricky. This is because there are several factors you have to think about before you settle for a specific product.

How To Choose The Best Garage Heater

Types of Garage Heaters

First of all, you have to know that there are several categories of garage heaters that you can find in the market today, with each of them using a different technology for operation. These types include forced air, infrared, and convection garage heaters. All these work in completely different ways, and you also have to know what kind of a garage heater will suit you.

The infrared heater will heat only the objects and not the surrounding air. The forced air heater will blow out hot air to the surrounding which will then warm everything around it. The fuel that it uses also varies. When your house has its own gas line, the most economical option that you’ve got is to install a forced air heater since you are going to channel some of the gas to be used by your heater.

Most do it yourself fans prefer to make use of the infrared garage heater because of its ability to heat objects without using any air. This is why it is always a great idea to understand the specific type of heater which best suits you and your needs.

Portability Best Garage Heater

There are also types of garage heaters that you can move from one to place another. You can also find others which can be permanently fixed in your garage ceiling. These come in different energy capabilities, sizes, and prices. Depending on the type of task that you will be doing in your garage, any of this option can be the best for you. For instance, if you are a do it yourself fan, it doesn’t look like a very fun thing to walk on top of chords and accidentally trip over them. In this case, a mounted unit can be your perfect option. However, if your job requires you to concentrate heat on a certain object at a certain time, you will need to opt for a more portable heating system.


Finally, the kind of energy that will be used for running your heater is another very crucial factor you have to consider. It doesn’t matter if you will be using propane, electricity, or natural gas as this is a consideration you can never take for granted. Surely, you wouldn’t want to wake up one surprised with extremely high energy bills that will make you wonder if you did something wrong or the billing was just an error. If you will use an electric type of garage heater, installing a circuit breaker is advisable. When your house has a gas line, there is no need to bother with sticking with an electric heater.

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